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    Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd is originated from JiangYin Sunshine Limited (“the original company”),which was a joint venture founded by Jiangsu Sunshine Group, JiangYin Xinqiao Worsted Wool Company, JiangYin Air-conditioning Dust Abatement Equipment Factory, JiangYin Petroleum Machinery Factory and JiangYin Yuqing Fashion Garment Factory five corporate units on Feb-18th 1994 .In September 1998, the original company change to Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd as a whole. On Sept 27, 1999, by verification and approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission [1999] Doc. No. 107, the company had its initial public offerings in Shanghai Stock Exchange with 70 million shares of common stock, the stock name is "Jiangsu Sunshine" and the stock code is"60220".
    The company consists of 5 workshop departments including Scouring and Top making Workshop, Top dyeing and Recombing Workshop, Spinning Dept, Weaving Dept and Thermoelectricity Workshop,12 functional departments including Equipments and Supporting Dept, Materials Dept , Production and technology Dept, Production and technology Dept, Foreign trade Dept, Sales Dept, Administration Department, Information Dept, Securities Dept , Financial Dept ,Audit dept and Security Dept, a group of holding subsidiaries like Jiangsu Sunshine Garment Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunshine Xinqiao Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd, JiangYin Sweeter Woolen Spinning and Weaving Co., Ltd, Ningxia Sunshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunshine Fabric and Garment Sales Co., Ltd, JiangYin Haoyi Garment Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunshine Huangtang Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunshine Textile Finishing Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Pompei Garment Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunshine Yunting Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Sunshine is aiming at enterprise modernization and operation internationalization. Guided by the Market ,with science and technology as a fundamental, Sunshine continuously adjust and optimize product structure, establish and improve marketing system, thus Sunshine promoted the rapid development of production and operation. Sunshine is prominent with high-tech features, gradually formed with core competitive strength. The company assets have been expanding significantly with increasing economic benefits, Therefore Sunshine is on a road to success with rapid development and science & technology booming. As of June 30, 2009, total assets is 5.771 billion yuan, net assets is 2.789 billion yuan, staff is 5808 employees, more than 90% of equipment are the most advanced at an international level, also the company is ISO9002 and 14001 certificated.
    Worsted wool Fabrics and Garments are two main businesses. Sunshine has the largest production capacity, the most advanced equipment and synchronized with international advanced technology and design. Therefore Sunshine became one international high-grade wool Textile enterprise. Currently the key equipment all realized modernization and automation, the update of the hardware has reached or even exceeded other well-known foreign manufacturers. Modern electronic control technology mainly electronic computer related technology become pervasive during product processes, such as digital control yarn winding shaping, electronic control color matching and computer-aided-design etc, which are providing good hardware condition for New Product development and production. The Company was recognized as national key high-tech enterprise and state-level innovation-oriented enterprise unique in China wool Textile industry by Ministry of Science and Technology. Sunshine is the largest production base for high-count Fabrics with light weights. "Sunshine" is famous trademark of China unique in worsted wool Textile industry, “Sunshine” is identified as one trademark under the protection of International Trademark Alliance "Madrid Agreement". "Sunshine" Fabric is China "world Brand" unique in China wool Textile industry.
    Jiangsu Sunshine established the goal as "ascend international new heights, participate in global competition”. With extensive international exchanges and cooperation, Sunshine entered the international market. The company introduced the most advanced production equipment, hired experts from Australia, Britain, Italy and other countries so to track the forefront technology in the world. Sunshine has cooperation with international companies like Japan Marubeni Corporation and Itochu so to establish global marketing network advantage. By a wide range of international cooperation, Jiangsu Sunshine products and technology are keeping step with the world trend. Sunshine entered the international market with a high starting point. Therefore Sunshine has won good reputation from international market.

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